What To Do When Times Get Tough

It’s hard not to look around today’s world and focus on all the ‘bad things’ happening. Every time you turn on the television or surf the Internet you see stories about job layoffs and how bad the economy is. Those of us in the US are told the country is an economic recession that’s the worst since the Great Depression, and that things could get worse before they get better. With reports like this, it’s hard to stay positive and not let your thoughts spiral downward and focus on the worst!

The Law of Attraction, however, states that ‘like attracts like’ or ‘what you focus on increases.’ Therefore, the more we focus on gloom and doom and economic problems, the more economic hardship we create. This is also true in our daily lives, where we have more control.

Instead of focusing on worst-case scenarios when times get tough, I encourage you to look at your situation as an opportunity to get really clear about what you want in life and start focusing on that. For example, if you’ve lost your job then take this time to figure out what you really want to do in life and allow yourself to start taking steps in that direction (even if they’re small steps!). If you’ve recently gotten divorced or ended a relationship, view this as an opportunity to focus on what you really want in your next partner and start taking steps to get out there and meet him or her! I invite you to see the upside of all situations, even when it might seem impossible at first glance.

I know it can be difficult to focus on the way we want things to be when current circumstances don’t look anything like that. However, if you want real, long-lasting change in your life you’ve got to find a way to think different thoughts than you are currently thinking and keep your mind focused on what you want to create. Energy moves in the direction of your thoughts, so the more you stay focused on your ideal outcome the less effort it will take to create. The good news is, this gets easier with time and I’ve noticed that often times just when you’re on the verge of giving up you’ll notice that things start going exactly the way you want them to!

Self Help Tip: When I start focusing on lack of money in my life, I listen to the audios from Denise Coates' Vibrational Millionaire program. Denise leads you through various visualizations in which you are depositing a million dollar check in the bank or paying off all your debt, and within minutes your focus is back on having money rather than running out of money. Highly recommended!

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