Are You Keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal?

Are you currently in the practice of keeping a gratitude journal? If not, I hope this article will convince you how worthwhile it is! It is a daily practice that literally only takes a few minutes, but you will notice HUGE results if you keep a gratitude journal consistently.

The feeling of gratitude is one of the best feelings we can cultivate if we want our lives to be successful in all areas (and really, who doesn’t?). We know that what we think about on a regular basis just leads to more of the same. Therefore, the more we think about things we are grateful for, the more we draw into our lives even MORE things to be grateful for! Sometimes wonderful new opportunities present themselves to us, and sometimes we just learn to be grateful for situations that challenge us and see the silver lining in them. Often times situations that we previously didn’t see a way out of can become “magically unstuck” the minute we change our perspective and start practicing gratitude for the situation.

Even though I had heard about the positive benefits of keeping a gratitude journal, I only began keeping one last year… but boy did I notice a difference! Within only a few days I noticed that I was happier, more joyful, and generally just had a more positive perspective towards everything happening in my life. Things that used to bother me no long longer did, and I became grateful for even the smallest things in life, like a trip to a cupcake store or a phone call from an old friend.

To keep a gratitude journal, you can either use a journal that is specifically designed for entering your daily items of gratitude (I use Jack Canfield’s) or you can simply take any journal or notebook you have lying around the house. Even grabbing a piece of paper every day will work! Each day you want to write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for, no matter how small or trivial they may seem to you. Be grateful for the wonderful dinner you had, or the roof that’s over your head… anything you can think of! I recommend writing in your journal at night just before going to bed, because you can reflect on your day and focus on all the things that went well for you.

If you are convinced that you absolutely don’t have time to keep a gratitude journal consistently, then at least aim to recite a few things in your head each day that you are grateful for. You can even do this in the morning in the shower or when you are brushing your teeth. The important thing is to get your mind focused in the direction of all the things that are working in your life, rather than those things you would like to improve. And trust me, EVERYONE can find 3-5 things to be grateful for daily.

Self Help Tip: Being grateful for something before it happens in your life can really speed up the process of bringing it to you! If you start thinking and acting like you already have the perfect body, your ideal job, or the house of your dreams, the Universe will think you already have it and will rush deliver it to you! Try it and let me know how it works for you. :-)

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