Choosing Your Thoughts Carefully

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the power of choosing your thoughts. We all have this power, but most people assume that the thoughts we think are automatic and that we have no control over them. I’m here to tell you, though, that not only are we in control of our thoughts, but we can actually change them anytime we want to! In fact, if you want to get different results in your life, changing your thoughts is the first and most effective place to start.

Our thoughts create our reality, period. And whether or not you believe this, it’s true! Quantum physicists have scientifically proven that our thoughts are composed of energy, and that they can actually be seen with the right equipment. Therefore, the thoughts you think are not simply random things that pass through your head; they actually go out and create the circumstances of your life.

I attended a conference last year and we performed the following exercise: We were paired up with a partner, and the first part of the exercise was to tell your partner how horrible your childhood was (what were all the things that went wrong, what were the things you wish had been different, etc.) This was pretty easy for everyone! The second part of the exercise, though, was to tell your partner all the great things about your childhood and explain how wonderful it was. It took a few seconds to switch gears, but everyone managed to describe their exact same childhood in glowing, positive terms rather than negative terms! Same childhood, same experiences, different thoughts about it. For example, if you had a parent who was never around, you could feel sorry for yourself because you were often lonely and felt neglected, or you could focus on the fact that you became extremely self-reliant and independent, both qualities which have served you well in adulthood. See how easy it is to change your thoughts!

Here’s another example: Several people have lost their jobs in this economy (including myself). If you’re in this position, you can either spend all your time focusing on the fact that you lost your job, you don’t know where your next job is going to come from, you don’t know what you’ll do if you run out of money, etc. etc. etc. Or you can focus on the fact that this is a great opportunity to find a job that fits your personality better, or follow your passion and start a business, or stay home and spend more time with your kids. Which person above do you think will fare better? The one who focuses on gloom and doom, or the one who is optimistic and open to new opportunities? I guarantee you that the optimistic person will not only feel better by thinking positive thoughts, but they will actually create better opportunities for themselves by choosing to think uplifting thoughts rather than negative ones.

To change your thoughts, first notice what thoughts you are currently thinking in your head. Are they positive or negative? Are they leading you in the direction of your dreams, or keeping you stagnant and stuck in the same situation? If your thoughts are negative, remember that you always have a choice to think a new thought! And then simply choose a new thought that is more in line with what you want to create, and say that to yourself in your head. You can even say the new thought out loud if you want, but at least make sure you say it in your head. Then, whenever the negative thought comes up again, simply repeat the new, positive thought to yourself. I’ll be honest with you, it will take a few times in the beginning, but eventually your mind will adjust and will start producing the new thoughts automatically!

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