Book of Positive Aspects

I discovered a new self help tool recently, which has quickly become one of my favorites. I think you’ll really like it, too! It’s called a Book of Positive Aspects and the idea comes from Abraham-Hicks, the original teachers of the Law of Attraction.

The intention of the Book of Positive Aspects is to find as many positive aspects as you can about a person or situation that is troubling you or causing you to feel discomfort. You’re not trying to turn negatives into positives, but to see the positives in a situation or person that you didn’t previously see. Every situation, no matter how dire, has some positive aspects to it.

Grab a journal that you can devote to this or even a single piece of paper and at the top write “Book of Positive Aspects.” Then decide what topic you would like to focus on. It could be your spouse, your work situation, your money situation, etc. Focus on anything you would like to improve. To really get yourself in a good mood, choose something that is already going well in your life so you can remind yourself that life is great!

Once you’ve picked your topic, write at least fifteen positive aspects about that scenario or individual. Dig deep if you have to, but write down a minimum of fifteen positive qualities. You’ll find that it gets easier after you list the first one or two qualities because your mind can always find what you tell it to look for.

People have noticed results from using this technique literally overnight, and I’ve used it myself to turn around situations or relationships with others. You are shifting your focus and energy from negative to positive, and when you change your inner world your outer world has no choice but to shift accordingly!

Here’s an example to get you started: If you’ve been struggling with money and wish you had more, list fifteen positive aspects about not having as much money as you’d like. You might list things like:

-I’ve spent more quality time with my children because we haven’t been doing as many activities outside the house;

-I’ve learned to live without many of the material things I thought I needed before and have deepened my spiritual practice;

-I’ve started eating healthier because I can’t afford to go out to dinner as often.

Do you see how you can find positive aspects hidden within a “negative” situation, even if you don’t see them at first?

I’ve read A LOT of stories about how people turned around romantic relationships using this technique. If you’re undergoing tension in your relationship, get out your Book of Positive Aspects and list all the wonderful qualities you love and admire in your partner. They’ve gotta be there somewhere, or otherwise you wouldn’t have started dating them in the first place! Even if you don’t tell them you’re doing this exercise, they will notice the shift in your energy and begin to treat you differently. Keep writing in your Book of Positive Aspects until you notice a change for the better in the relationship. What you focus on expands, so the more attention and energy you place on positive aspects of a person means you will elicit more of those positive aspects from them. You can only focus on one thing at a time, so choose to focus on the positive aspects!

This tool can also release resistance you’re having to a particular situation and allow things to run much more smoothly in your life. In the example above about not having as much money as you would like, use the Book of Positive Aspects to see that your situation is not all bad. Once you do this, you open up the channels to receiving more wealth into your life because you’re not as stressed out about not having money. Opportunities that you may not have seized before will present themselves to you and you will be more inclined to take action, because you’re not as resistant to the situation of not having all the money you desire.

Self Help Tip: Don’t just read about the Book of Positive Aspects, actually do one! Reading about self help techniques doesn’t do any good if you never implement them. Don’t get stuck in a rut of reading things and not taking action. Try this exercise out on something that has been troubling you, and see if you notice a difference. For an extra challenge, commit to doing this every day on a different topic and notice how dramatically your life changes. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re living in a brand new world!

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