Playing Make-Believe to Create Your Ideal Life!

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I played A TON of make-believe! I’m not sure if it’s because I was an only child and needed to find ways to entertain myself or just had an overly active imagination, but I definitely spent a lot of time acting out various scenarios when I was younger. Today, I'd like to encourage you to start consciously using make-believe as a tool that will help you create the life of your dreams!

One of the easiest methods out there for attracting something new into your life is to begin thinking and acting as if that thing or situation is already a part of your life. Playing make-believe or acting out what you’d like your future life to look like allows you to get into the mindset of having that which you would like to create. It allows you to adopt new beliefs and behaviors that you need in order to bring that thing into your life. By beginning to think and act differently, you are in essence becoming a new person… a new person who has that thing in their life!

I know this works because I’ve seen it work in my own life. One of the things I would act out regularly as a child was that I was living in Paris, working for a French company, and speaking French all day long. Ever since I can remember I had this burning desire to live in France and speak French fluently, so I would act out this scenario often. I would carry on make-believe conversations with my supervisor in French (even though I could barely speak French at the time!) and act like I was living with a French host family and going on romantic dates their handsome French son. :-)

Fast forward 10 or so years, and I found myself living in Paris where I was working as a translator for an international law firm and speaking French on a daily basis! Honestly, by this point I had completely forgotten about all that make-believe I used to do… but it pretty much all came true exactly how I had acted it out! The only thing that was slightly different was that instead of actually living with a French host family and dating their son, I lived in a studio apartment down the street from a French family that basically adopted me and it was their son that I dated! Minor details, really… ;)

I know a coach who at one point wanted to launch a journalism career so she had business cards printed up with her name and the title “Journalist” on them. Whenever someone would ask what she did, she would say she was a Journalist and hand them one of her business cards. Before long, she really was a journalist and had more work than she knew what to do with!

Here are some examples of ways you can “make-believe” your ideal life into existence:

-send flowers to yourself from your future romantic interest or spouse;

-register a domain name for a business you’d like to own someday (I just did this!);

-write a letter to yourself from a future child if you’re trying to get pregnant;

-design a logo and brochures for the yoga studio you hope to open in the future.

Last year I attended the Breakthrough to Success conference with uber-successful author and success coach, Jack Canfield. The conference concluded with a "Come As You’ll Be in Five Years Party", which was definitely a highlight for me! Just like it sounds, you are supposed to show up at the party as if you were living five years in the future and had already achieved all the goals you were hoping to achieve during that five-year period. We were supposed to truly embody the person we hoped to become!

One lady really got into it and set up a table like you would see at Barnes & Noble, and was doing a book signing of her best-selling book. Keep in mind she hadn’t even written her book yet, but she had already created a cover for it and was doing fake signings! She had also super-imposed a picture of herself onto the cover of O Magazine and had written an article about her best-selling book that had been featured on the Oprah show. I was really impressed!

Above are some examples of how others (and myself) have used make-believe to create their ideal lives, but what are some ways you can begin to “play” your future reality into existence? Even if you feel silly at first, do it anyway! I’ve seen the results in my own life and trust me, the silliness you may feel in the beginning is well worth the success and rewards you’ll experience in the long-run.

So let out your inner child and start make-believing today! You are in essence telling yourself and the Universe that you are ready to achieve that which you wish to accomplish, so watch out for BIG results coming your way. :-)

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