Pray Rain Journaling

I went to a yoga/spirituality/creativity retreat the other weekend and I shared one of my favorite techniques for making great things happen in your life. (You can read about some of the insights I had at the retreat on my blog.) We were doing a session on journaling and the different ways people use journaling, such as to create clarity in their lives, release negative emotions, or just get their thoughts down on paper. I am an avid journaler myself, but I prefer to use my journal less as a place to mull over negativity and problems occurring in my life and more as a positive place where I can consciously create my future!

The technique I’m referring to is called Pray Rain Journaling. I first learned about this technique a few years ago, and have been using it ever since with great success. It’s a very simple process and you might be tempted to underestimate its power, but don’t! It is extremely powerful and very effective, not to mention a ton of fun. :)

Pray Rain Journaling is simply the act of writing about your dreams or goals as if they have already manifested or come true. You write from a place of already having those things you would like to create in your life. For example, if you’re craving meeting more spiritually-minded people who share similar interests as you, write a journal entry as if you have already met them. Take it one step further by describing a recent activity all of you did together, and write about how much fun you had! If you’re hoping to move to Paris (one of my personal dreams), go ahead and write a journal entry as if you’ve already been living there awhile and are happier than ever. Describe what your house or apartment looks like, what neighborhood you’re living in, what you do for fun, who you spend your time with, etc. Really get into it and describe as many different aspects of the experience as you can.

The more detail you can infuse your writing with, the better! After all, these journal entries are basically instructions to your subconscious mind and the Universe to go out and create exactly what you’re writing about. What you think about eventually comes true in your life (whether positive or negative), and the same can be said regarding what you write about on a regular basis. Therefore, use as many sensory words and images as possible, like taste, touch, smell, etc. Make the image of your future crystal-clear, so that you’re not leaving anything up to chance!

The name Pray Rain Journal comes from a story about a village that was experiencing a heavy drought, and had not seen rain in a very long time. A visitor to the village heard about this problem, and decided to perform a rain dance in order to attract some much-needed rain. Several of the villagers watched his “rain dance”, although they were surprised when all he did was stand there motionless rather than dance around and chant, as they were expecting. When they asked him what he was doing, he explained that he was praying rain, not praying for rain. There’s a difference! Can you see it?

When you are praying for rain, or for things to happen in your life, you are focused on the fact that the rain (or the thing or situation) is not yet here in your life. You are stuck in a place of wanting, or not having, that thing you are desiring. The law of attraction states that “like attracts like” or “you attract what you vibrate,” so whatever you are thinking and feeling on the inside is exactly what you will create on the outside. Therefore, focusing on lack of rain = more lack of rain!

The man who performed the rain dance in the story understood this subtle difference and was instead praying rain, meaning that he was standing there getting into the feelings as if the rain that the village so desperately needed was already there. He was imagining what it would feel like to have raindrops on his skin, what it would look like to see lots of lush vegetables in the fields, what it would be like if everyone had ample drinking water whenever they wanted, etc. He was focusing on already experiencing the rain, not the lack of rain. And so it is with creating things on your life.

I highly recommend creating a Pray Rain Journal for yourself. The story goes that if you write a page a day, by the time you have filled all the pages of your journal, you will either have manifested the thing you were hoping to create or you will be on well on your way! Personally, I don’t write a page a day (sometimes not even a page a week!), but I have still noticed remarkable changes in my life as a result of using a Pray Rain Journal. In fact, the Self Help Goddess website is something I wrote about in my Pray Rain Journal less than a year ago and now it has come true!

Self Help Tip: If the idea of a Pray Rain Journal gets you really excited, I highly, highly recommend checking out the Pray Rain Journaling ebook that master law of attraction coach Jeannette Maw created. The ebook is a quick read and goes into all the details you will need to really put the power of Pray Rain Journaling to work in your life! Jeannette also shares her extraordinary story of how she achieved massive results the very first time she tried Pray Rain Journaling. After only one entry in a tiny journal, she landed a major sales contract only a few hours later! Check it out here.

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