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Keeping a pray rain journal is one of my favorite self help techniques, mainly because it works. I have manifested several wonderful things in my life with this method, including the condo I currently live in, various jobs I've held, and even this website!

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I learned about this technique from Jeannette Maw, master law of attraction coach. The very first time Jeannette used this method she saw results within hours, and knew she was onto something.

Basically, pray rain journaling is a self help technique whereby you act like what you want to create in life has already come to pass, which speeds up the manifestation process. You take a blank journal, and every single day you write a page as if your dream has already come true. So if your desire is to get married, you write a page a day as if you are already married to your amazing spouse. If your ambition is to own your own company, you write a page a day as if you are already the owner of a successful company. Here comes the magic: by the time you're finished with your journal, your dream will either have already manifested or will be well on its way to doing so!

The term 'pray rain' comes from a story where a community was in a serious drought and in desperate need of rain. Someone from the community went out and did a rain dance, but everyone was puzzled when it looked like he was standing there and not moving, rather than dancing around and chanting for rain as they expected. When they asked him what he was doing, he answered, "I was praying rain"... as opposed to praying for rain. Can you see the difference?

Instead of dancing around and doing a traditional rain dance, the man stood there and felt what it would feel like if his community was already receiving all the rain it needed. He focused on feeling raindrops on his forehead and arms, feeling his clothes drenched with water, imagining that all the crops were well-nourished, and that the community as a whole had plenty of water to drink. And this is exactly what we should all do in order to make things happen in our lives: feel the feelings now of already having that which you desire to create in your life.

If you're interested in learning more about creating a pray rain journal, go here.

Learn More Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Life

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