Welcome to my birthday celebration!

In honor of my birthday on January 17th, I have a little party planned... and you're invited!


Since the clock struck midnight on January 1 and we ushered in the New Year, I've been receiving emails left and right from people wanting to make this THE year that they finally achieve all their dreams and create their ideal life. The energy in the air just feels different, ripe with possibility, and ready for change. Have you felt it?

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Lucky for you, I’ve created an ebook that has all the info you need to get started! My ebook, "Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Life," is THE manual you need to create the life of your dreams. I've read hundreds (possibly thousands!) of self-help books over the years, and I've compiled all the secrets I've learned into an easy-to-understand manual guaranteed to get you results FAST. Get more details about my ebook here.


It’s my passion to help others create their ideal lives, and I want as many people as possible to make this the year you start on that journey. *So in honor of my birthday on the 17th of January, I'm knocking the price of my ebook down to $17!* If you've decided that 2010 is YOUR year for change, then this is for you! Aren't you ready to start living a life you're crazy about?!


I promise you won't be disappointed. My ebook has been called:

"... one of the most useful self-help books I have read."

"... an amazing resource for anyone who wants to make big, positive changes in their life."

"...packed with tons of important info to lead a person to living a successful life."


"...empowering, life-changing, and exciting."

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Plus, as my special gift to you, I'd like to offer you a FREE report on self-love, called "Fall in Love with Yourself," which is yours free regardless of whether or not you purchase my ebook at the discounted rate. I'm dedicating 2010 to self-love and discovering what that really means, and I want you to join me on the journey! I've prepared this report to help you understand more about what it means to truly love and accept yourself, exactly as you are. I've also included lots of fun exercises guaranteed to amp up your self-love in no time!

Get your report here, absolutely free of charge. Just right-click on the link and select 'Open.'

Zig Ziglar says, "You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want." Therefore, it's my pleasure to help you get everything you want and create the life of your dreams! In fact, it is my honor and privilege to share this journey with you.

Join in the celebration!

So join me as I celebrate my birthday and pick up your copy of "Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Life" for just $17! Several people have told me they've been wanting to get their copy, but with the economy being the way it is they just couldn't afford it. *HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!*

Get more details about my ebook here.


And as my special gift to you, don't forget to pick up your free report on self-love, "Fall in Love with Yourself." It's my way of saying thank you for visiting my site and joining me in this exciting year of change ahead!

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Let's make 2010 *our* year!

In the meantime, if I can be of any assistance during this time of great renewal and change, you are always welcome to contact me.

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