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If you're not familiar with self help visualization techniques, or have not been actively using them in your life, you'll definitely want to check out these resources below. Visualization is often the one ingredient you're missing when going after your dreams, and once you start implementing it things start to turn around instantly!

Visualization is basically using your imagination to make things happen in your life. Olympic athletes have used visualization for years with great success. Michael Jordan reportedly spent hours visualizing all of his shots going in the basket, and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps apparently imagined himself standing on the medal podium receiving gold medal(s) years before he actually competed in the Olympics. And we all know how successful those two athletes were! I used visualization as a little girl (without realizing I was doing it) and imagined I was living in Paris and speaking fluent French. I completely forgot about this as I went off to high high school and college, but then I moved to Paris and found myself sitting at an outdoor cafe that was the exact same one I had been visualizing in my mind all those years!

Learn More Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Life

I first learned about visualization around fifteen years ago when I read the self help book, Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life, by Shakti Gawain. I re-read it again a few years ago when the 25th anniversary edition was published, and it was just as good as I remembered it. It was classic when it first came out, and it is still a classic! Some people even say that this book and Shakti Gawain were responsible for starting the entire personal growth movement.

Read this book first if you are new to visualization, or even spirituality in general. The exercises that are described in the book are very easy to implement, yet extremely effective. Shakti writes in a way that is easy to follow and before you know it you will be visualizing results into your life left and right! I love the chapter on the Pink Bubble Technique, where you visualize what you want to create and then send the vision off into the Universe in a pink bubble or balloon. At this point, you have sent your desire off into the sky and your job is done! This book also mentions treasure maps, which are effective tools to bring your dreams to life. These are quite common today, but when this book was first published they were a real breakthrough.

If you want to take your visualizations to the next level, check out my page on Mind Movies. I like to call these visualization on steroids!

Learn More Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Life

Learn More Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Life

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