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"Living As If"

Welcome to 2010! Now that the New Year is officially upon us (a new decade, too!), how are you coming with your resolutions? Hopefully you’re still committed to them since we’re only a few days into 2010, but if you’ve already lost sight of your goals you’re in luck because the suggestions below will help! Actually, I’d like to recommend that you not only use these tips to accomplish your resolutions, but adopt them as a way of life and use them throughout the entire year.

"Living As If" is one of the fastest, and most effective, ways I know for making things happen in your life. You basically assume that whatever you want is already a given or already a part of your life, and you live FROM that thing, rather than moving towards it. You become a person who is already living your ideal life, in your ideal relationship, in your dream career, etc. Once you begin to line up the energy of already having whatever it is that you want, the law of attraction takes over and assures that you get that thing delivered right to your door!

Here’s a simple exercise to help you get in the spirit of "Living As If."

Think of one of your resolutions or intentions for 2010. Once you’ve decided what you’d like to focus on, assume that thing has already come to pass in your life. You can imagine that it’s New Year’s Eve 2011 and as you're reflecting back over 2010, you notice that whatever you wanted to happen in that particular area of your life came true!

With that in mind, ask yourself the following questions:

What would I see that shows I've achieved this goal?

What would I hear others say that offers proof I've achieved this goal?

What would I say to others that shows I've accomplished this?

How would I feel once this is mine?

I’ll give you an example from my own life to show you how this works. One of my priorities for 2010 is to get more exposure for my ebook and sell more copies. I spent so much time, effort, and love creating it last year, but then kind of just forgot about it! So using the questions above, it would look like this:

• What would I see that shows I've achieved this goal?

I see emails in my inbox from people who have read my ebook and LOVED it! They are so appreciative of everything they learned in it, and ask when I’m writing my next one!

• What would I hear others say that offers proof I've achieved this goal?

Others tell me they are thankful I wrote my ebook and that I am spreading such a positive, uplifting message that anyone can create their ideal life. They tell me they are excited to get started creating the life of their dreams!

• What would I say to others that shows I've accomplished this?

“I am so excited to be getting such great feedback about my ebook!”
“I'm so glad you got so much out of my ebook!”

• How would I feel once this is mine?

I would feel proud of myself for creating something that is being so positively received. I would feel loved by the Universe for being able to express myself and express my creativity to the world. I would feel giddy for following through on one of my own personal dreams of creating an ebook!

Get the idea?

Now that you have the answers to these questions, begin to spend as much time with and live from these answers as often as possible. Spend time with them by writing about them in your journal, floating them through your head at various times throughout the day, discussing them with others, and just generally trying on different answers to the questions. The intention is to stay in this energy of already having that which you desire.

Play with this energy as often as possible, and begin to become a person who already has that which you want. Live as if your dreams have already come true, and don’t be surprised when you wake up one morning and realize that all your dreams really have come true!

Oh, I almost forgot! Just go here to learn more about my ebook, "Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Life." See why I need help?! ;)

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