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Rewriting Your Past

For any of you who grew up in a dysfunctional family or have experienced something in your past which you‘d rather forget, then this post is for you! And let’s be honest, all of us have things in our past or childhood that we wish were different. Luckily, I have a solution for you in this article which will not only rewrite your past but will change the results you are getting in the present!

We are all influenced today by things that happened in the past, whether it was a traumatic childhood, a devastating break-up or divorce, a business venture that went belly up, or even something on a smaller scale like a fight with a close friend. Unless you’ve done a lot of work to come to terms with these situations and forgive all involved, chances are these situations we’d rather forget are still buried deep in your subconscious and are influencing your choices today.

For example, if you were badly burned in a relationship early on, you probably enter all relationships today with a sense of fear and trepidation. If you once started a company that failed, you might not take that same risk again, even if you have a great idea that could really work and could liberate you from your corporate job that you hate. For better or worse, we are held back by things from our past that didn’t go exactly the way we wanted them to.

Lucky for you, the solution for this is easy! For this exercise, all you need is your imagination and a few minutes to set aside daily (preferably as you are falling asleep at night or first thing waking up in the morning). When you’re in a completely relaxed state and free of all distractions, use your imagination to call up the situation from your past that you’d like to change. Bring it to mind in juicy detail and really remember what that situation was all about. Next, you’re going to use your imagination to literally re-create that event or scenario and play it out in your mind the way you wish it had happened back then. Don’t hold back here, whatever you wanted to occur at that time is what you are going to imagine now!

So if you had a boss at your first job who absolutely despised you, you can recreate that situation now so that he/she praised you constantly! Were you passed up for a big promotion you wanted? No big deal! In your mind’s eye, you can now get the promotion and the salary you wanted. And make it as juicy as you’d like. If you always wanted to date the head cheerleader or captain of the football team in high school, then picture that! There are no limits here except the ones you place on yourself in your imagination.

You might wonder what doing this exercise will accomplish for you, because we all know that what happened in the past is over now and can’t be changed. However, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagined events. Therefore, by imagining different outcomes of past events, you are actually convincing your subconscious mind that what you are imagining now is what happened back then. Sure, no one can literally go back and physically changed what happened in the past. By doing this exercise on a regular basis, however, you can change the memories you have in your mind and create new possibilities for yourself in the present!

By going back and actually rewriting the memories you had, you will have more confidence in current situations that tie back to those original scenarios. If you wish you had more prosperity and abundance in your life today, go back to the past and create a childhood where money was plentiful, spent easily and guilt-free, and talked about openly. As you begin to imagine a childhood where abundance was not an issue, you will begin to translate that into positive experiences with money in your life today.

Don’t believe this can work? Try it for yourself! I guarantee you that if nothing else, doing this exercise will bring a smile to your face and fill you with a sense of fun. And hey, if you’re really attached to those painful memories from the past, they’re still there and you can always call them back into your consciousness! Since we have a choice of where we place our attention, though, wouldn’t you rather place your attention on something that will lead to positive results in your present?

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