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Special Love Exercise!

If you read my blog post called “Scripting Your Ideal Life”, then you know I’ve been leading weekly scripting calls with the folks over at Good Vibe University (the calls are free and open to all!). We spend an hour each Monday night “scripting” our realities, by talking about our desires as if they’ve already come true. This activates the vibration within us of already having our desire, which speeds up its manifestation to us.

At the beginning of each call I’ve been leading everyone through a love/centering exercise, and I’d like to share it with you here! You can use it anytime, anyplace, to manifest your desires faster to you or just amp up your overall love vibe. Regardless, it's guaranteed to make you feel better instantly!

Here's the exercise:

Although it’s best to do this exercise someplace quiet where you can concentrate, you can really do it anywhere! Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Turn your attention inward and temporarily forget about all the distractions around you. Once you feel relaxed and at peace, tune into your heart and feel the love there. You may not have ever done this before, so use your imagination if you need to and tune into into your heart to feel the abundant love there. Pay attention to the actual sensations you feel in your heart. It might feel warm or tingly, or any other variety of sensations.

Once you’ve really gotten in touch with the love in your heart, visualize it coming out of your heart and surrounding your entire body in a giant bubble of love. If it helps, visualize golden or pink light to represent the bubble of love surrounding you. Allow the love energy to fill you up from head to toe, and fill each and every one of your cells. Once your entire body is enveloped in a giant bubble of love, tune into how that feels. What are the various sensations you feel throughout your body?

Next, tune back into the love in your heart (the bubble surrounding you can stay in place), and you’re going to send love from your heart to a friend, family member, loved one, pet, etc. In the scripting calls I have everyone send love to each person on the call, but it will work just as well to send your love to someone else in your life that you hold dearly. Imagine love leaving your heart and travelling to your loved one, and surrounding them in a giant bubble of love. Let it fill them up from head to toe, just as you did with yourself.

Now, think of a desire that you’d really like to manifest or see come true. It can be anything at all, large or small. Since that desire is still in the future, put it out in front of your body a few feet. Next, tune back into the love in your heart, really feel what that love feels like, and visualize that love coming out of your heart and travelling to your desire a few feet in front of you. The love is extending out of your heart, going to your desire, and surrounding it in another bubble of love. Again, really feel the sensations of what this feels like throughout your body.

Finally, imagine that the love from your heart is actually pulling your desire (and the love surrounding it) back into your heart! Your desire is no longer in the future, but is actually a part of you, residing in your heart, surrounded by love!! Feel what it feels like to know that your desire is yours, and already a part of your life.

Once you've done that, take a moment to just soak in all the love surrounding you: the love in your heart, the love surrounding your body and filling you up, the love you are flowing to others, and finally the love surrounding your desire, which has now become a part of you. Tune into the sensations in your body and really get friendly with these sensations of love. Feel the pure bliss and joy that is radiating throughout your cells!

Repeat often for guaranteed success in love and life. :-)

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