Table of Contents
Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Life

What Is This Ebook?
Chapter One: Introduction
Who Am I?
Everyone Deserves to Be Living Their Ideal Life
Chapter Two: What Do You Really Want
Decide What You Want
Follow Your Intuition
Decide What Steps You Can Take Now
Taking Action
Chapter Three: Understand the Law of Attraction
What is the Law of Attraction?
Wants vs. Don’t Wants
Living the Law of Attraction
Examples: Using the Law of Attraction
Chapter Four: Choose Your Thoughts
Our Thoughts Create Our Reality
We Can Choose Our Thoughts
It’s Not the Situations, It’s Our Thoughts About the Situations
Become Aware of Your Thoughts
Focus on Why You Can vs. Why You Can’t
Question Your Thoughts
Tell a New Story
Don’t Listen to Critics
Chapter Five: Tools & Techniques
Pray Rain Journaling
Vision Boards
Make-Believe Your Way There
Create Your Ideal Day
Come As You’ll Be Party
Book of Positive Aspects
Chapter Six: Relationships, Relationships, Relationships
Develop a Strong Relationship with Yourself
A Powerful Self-Love Exercise
An Exercise in Loving Others
Treat Others with Kindness
Learning from Others
Develop a Support System
Chapter Seven: Final Steps
You Have Your Dreams Because You Are Meant to Manifest Them
Make the Best of Situations
Sometimes Things Appear to Get Worse Before They Get Better
Give Away What You Are Trying to Get
Planning for Your Success
Practice Gratitude Daily
Be Happy Now
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