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  • Are you familiar with the law of attraction and KNOW it has the power to change your life, but have yet to see results?

  • Have you read all the self help and law of attraction books out there, but still don't get why things aren't working for you?

  • Most importantly, are you ready to stop dreaming about your ideal life and actually start LIVING IT?

Four-Week Teleclass
That Will Change Your Life!

If you're familiar with the law of attraction, then you know that one of the keys to making things happen in your life is feeling NOW the way you will feel once you've accomplished your goals or dreams. Sounds simple, right? But how do we really do that in a way that brings results FAST?? The truth is, it's often much harder to consistently carry this out in your life in such a way that gets you real results over and over again.

Have no fear, the solution is here! This class is not going to be about theory or concepts, it's going to be about ACTIVELY putting the law of attraction into practice in your life to get real, measurable, FAST results! Oh, and it's going to be super FUN, too!!

Throughout this entire four-week class, you will only be allowed to speak to the group as if your dreams have already come true! You will have a set amount of time each week where you have the floor to talk to the group as if your dreams are ALREADY A REALITY!! Any slipping back into old stories or the way things are now will not be tolerated!

**By speaking about things as if they have already occurred, the Universe has NO CHOICE but to deliver those scenarios to you (and FAST!), thanks to the powerful law of attaction.**

You will participate in:

Telling a new story:
You will speak to the group as if whatever you are trying to manifest has already manifested!
Interviewing: You will be interviewed as if you are on a tv show or radio program and talking to the audience about living out your wildest dreams!
Describing your ideal day: You will speak to the group about your day as if it were the best day of your entire life!
Celebrating your success: This is where we will be celebrating all the many SUCCESSES you will encounter during this program (there will be several!), as well as pave the way for future successes by proclaiming it in advance!

Get ready to...


It seems like everyone has heard of the law of attraction these days, but how many of you are actually using it to create your real, measurable results in your lives?? There is a HUGE difference between knowing about the law of attraction and actually using it. And that difference is, those who consciously use it are already living the life of their dreams rather than wondering when it's finally going to begin!! You deserve to get results in your life ONCE AND FOR ALL.

This is going to be a class where you ACTIVELY AND CONSCIOUSLY participate in creating your ideal life. Don't sign up if you're not ready to speak up and proclaim to the Universe once and for all that you deserve to make your wildest dreams come true! This course is going to require lots of participation, so be sure you're ready to STEP UP TO THE PLATE and really go for it!!

Take it from me, these tools are POWERFUL. I have used them in my own life to create massive results, sometimes overnight. You will be amazed at quickly these tools work, not to mention how FUN they are! But you've got to work the processes to get results, and that's where this class comes in!

Aren't You Ready to Really Start LIVING??

Join me in this four-week teleseminar where we're going to explore some of the MOST POWERFUL secrets to creating your ideal life.

Week One: Overview of law of attraction, guided meditation/visualization, explanation of tools & techniques, tell a new story/scripting process.

Week Two: Review of law of attraction, guided meditation/visualization, tv or radio interview exercise, listing evidence.

Week Three: Guided meditation/visualization, Create Your Ideal Day exercise, gratitudes.

Week Four: Success Party! - This is where we celebrate all the progress you've made during the course in making your dreams come true, as well as all the evidence you've already seen! We will also set in motion your future success!!

Calls will take place the first four Tuesday nights in September beginning at 8:00 p.m. EST from September 1-September 22. All calls will be recorded so you can listen later, but this is a class where you will want to be live on the calls and participate! This class is for those people who are ready to STEP UP TO THE PLATE and start actively creating the life of their dreams!!

This is the only teleclass I know of where YOU take the reins in making things happen in your life. This is not going to be a teleclass where I do all the talking, while the rest of you are on "Mute" taking notes. No, this teleclass is all about YOU and creating results FAST!


Because this class involves so much participation, I'm restricting the class size to 6 "dream creators." I've never heard of this sort of program before, so I'm expecting it to sell out quickly. If you're at all thinking of signing up, I urge you to do so now before all the spots are filled!

I've participated in several four-week teleclasses that charged at least $150.00. Because of the economic climate, though, I've decided to offer this course for only $75.00. I know that the people who need this course the most are the ones who might be struggling with money right now, so I'm not going to charge an arm and a leg. I'm only charging $75.00 for four weeks that will *absolutely* change your life. Plus, these tools are so fun that I guarantee you will want to keep using them for the rest of your life!


Remember, this class WILL sell out so if you're thinking of signing up, email me ASAP at maryknebel@yahoo.com and put Teleclass in the subject line. I will respond within 24 hours and let you know whether there is still room in the class. If a spot is available for you, I will send you payment information at that time so you can confirm your place in the group and start making your wildest dreams come true!

This class is going to be FUN and I don't want you to miss out!

Email me ASAP at maryknebel@yahoo.com and let's get the party started!!

Questions?? Email me at maryknebel@yahoo.com and ask away!

Here's to making all your wildest dreams come true, starting NOW!!

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