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Telling a New Story

The process of telling a new story is a highly effective technique for creating quick change in your life. In essence, everyone is always telling a story about how their life currently is, i.e. “I’m in a relationship that’s just not working, my friends are all moving away, I don’t really like my job, and overall my life is just okay right now.” Of course, stories can be positive, too! For example, “I absolutely love my life because everything always works out for me, no matter what happens. I’m pursuing my ideal career, and success comes to me at every turn. I’m in a rewarding and fulfilling relationship with my soulmate, and things just keep getting better and better, every single day!”

If your story about your life tends to sound more like the first one described above, have no fear! In order to create better results in your life, it’s as simple as changing your story to reflect one that is more like the second story described above (substituting whatever it is you really want to attract).

In order to change your reality or whatever you are currently experiencing, you need to start telling a new story. Right now you are telling a story of how things are, whether you realize it consciously or not, and in order to create change you need to start telling a new story about the way you want things to be. Don’t focus on the way things are going now, focus on how you WOULD LIKE your life to be!

Not too long ago I heard about a couple that had won the lottery multiple times. Each time before they won their prize, they had actually been telling anyone who would listen that they had already won the lottery! They would tell the man behind the counter at the gas station, the waitress at their favorite restaurant, etc. Not long after they started doing this, they won the lottery, not once, but twice!

Currently, I am working with a lovely coaching client who is in the process of creating a new living situation because she wants to move out of the home she is in right now. I encouraged her to start telling a new story about her situation, and actually begin looking at apartments and telling the rental agents her new story! Even though she’s not ready to move quite yet, she can still begin attending open houses and speaking to others as if she is currently in the market. Try this out in your own life, and before you know it your new reality will have arrived right before your eyes!

Tell this new story about how you want your like to look to anyone who will listen. If you have a friend, family member, or significant other who will play along, tell them your new story about your dream life as if it has *already* happened. If a telemarketer calls, go ahead and tell them your new story! They’ll never know the difference. If you don’t have anyone you trust or feel safe telling your new story to, be sure to at least tell this new story often in your head. Take a walk and talk to yourself about how wonderful your life is, how fulfilled you are, how well everything is going, how much money you have, etc.

If you want to join a small, intimate group of like-minded creators who will be telling their new stories, creating their ideal lives, and having a TON OF FUN, sign up for my 4-week telecourse, which begins Tuesday, September 1. More details here.

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